Hazchem Spill Kit Bundle


Hazchem 120L

  • Yellow and Black
  • Red and Yellow
  • Yellow and Blue


  • A TSS120EAR hazchem spill kit refill suitable for spills of up to 100 litres of aggressive chemicals such as acids, bases caustics, solvents, toxics and corrosives. Recommended spill kit refill for TSS120EA 120 litre hazchem spill kit.
  • x50  430x480mm Hazchem Absorbent Pads
  • x2  1.2m x 75mm Hazchem Absorbent Booms
  • x1  3m x 75mm Hazchem Absorbent Boom
  • x5  Contaminated Waste Bags
  • x1  Pair Chemical Resistant Gloves
  • Barrowmate in either: Black & Yellow, Red & Yellow, Blue & Yellow
  • Westmix Pro Trade 100 Litre Lockfast Poly Tray Wheelbarrow comes with 6.5″ pneumatic wheel, powder coated steel handles, shockboard, wedges, fully welded front supports and legs. It is a heavy duty barrow designed for serious trade use.